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Metal's Feedback [Apr. 21st, 2012|08:55 pm]
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Made for pkmncollectors

Tell me and everyone else if I'm a good buyer/seller or not! I'd love to know if I could improve!
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Metal's Wanted Pokémon [Apr. 21st, 2012|08:51 pm]
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Just a list of things I'd like to get. I'm posting it here so pkmncollectors doesn't get clogged up with my crappy journal. xD; I'm usually looking for old school toys or anything with legendaries. I'll put up photos or videos of what I'm looking for in particular.

I'd prefer if I could spend $50 or less but I'm willing to negotiate. I'd also love for any recent plushes to still have their tags.


I'd really like this Pikachu doll. I don't really care if he talks or not, I'd just like to see those cute little cheeks light up.

I believe this is supposed to be the Pokémon Center/Tomytakara Zorua Plush. Any similar Zorua plushes are fine though. I just want to have my own cute little fox~

I think this Reshiram is also supposed to be from Pokémon Center.

I honestly couldn't decide what I wanted more from the Mudkip line. Just any Mudkip, Marshtomp, and Swampert toy would be great for me. (Especially Swampert. <3)

This is the only toy of the Croagunk line I know of. If anyone knows where I could more Croagunk/Toxicroak goodies, please tell me. <3

I don't remember what Shaymin plush this one is. Though like Zorua, I just want any good quality Shaymin plush.

Aaand that's about it. I'll update whenever I want something new or I have received whatever I wanted. I hope I could be a good member to the group! ^^

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Selling Stuff (Cheap!) [May. 7th, 2011|05:38 pm]

So first post on LJ and I'm selling some stuff cause I need money.

Most of the items will be in good condition. I'll point out the flaws if the item has imperfections. I use PayPal, so use that to pay me. My PayPal is delgaudioochoaangelina@hotmail.com.

Will be adding and subtracting some items.

McDonald's Cherilee: $3.00

McDonald's Rainbow Dash: $3.00

Floppy Movable Bear: $3.00

Build-a-Bear Dog: $5.00

Angel Bear: $3.50

Bunny (Needs a dress as the original is missing): $2.50

Baby Pooh Bear: $6.00

Blossom (Talks when you press her stomach): $6.00

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